Sharing is CARing

Nowadays, the car sharing concept is represented in every major city – and rightly so. But in the 1990s things were very different. However, the Creativhotel was already a pioneer at this time. Members were able to reserve cars through our reception.

We are climate positive

With an overnight stay at the Creativhotel Luise something is actively done against climate change. Because of our climate-positive manner, the guest has bound more CO2 than he caused by his overnight stay. That’s great! And you can feel a little like a superhero!

Micro forests: small forests with a big impact

A 100 year old forest in 10 years? What may not sound particularly desirable to us, it is for the so-called micro forests: rapid aging in the shortest possible time. These man-made forests, which are also known as Tiny Forests or Miywaki Forests, are planted very densely and have a high level of biodiversity.

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