How we see ourselves

Our hotel is run on ecological principles. As a family company we think in terms of generations and understand our responsibility towards the future. Since 1991, we’ve been regularly awarded the gold medal by the Bavarian Ministry of Economics and Environment for our commitment in the area “environmentally aware hotel and hospitality facilities”. We were part of Viabono, the German umbrella organization for environmental-friendly tourism, right from the start.

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We take an example from others but we build on our own interpretation of sustainability.

– Ben Förtsch

The Captains

Director and Team Captain (Ben Förtsch)

Young, dynamic, environmentally aware – “Captain” Ben Förtsch is no regular hotelier; he rather paves his own way. His vision and hard work have led Creativhotel Luise to be called the first climate positive hotel in Germany. However, Ben doesn’t rest on his laurels; instead, he steadily works on steering his “ship” towards a greener future. This is how his project “the regrowing hotel room” changed tack in the creative eco-management. He also sees even smaller hands-on tasks as his responsibility, such as arranging the stones in the hotel’s biotope and painting walls. With great imagination and attention to detail, he manages his hotel step by step, stone by stone, brushstroke for brushstroke, always coming up with new ideas and with great commitment as a small oasis for sustainability at Erlangen’s center.

Senior Boss (Klaus Förtsch)

During the 90s, as a pioneer in sustainable hospitality services, Senior Boss Klaus Förtsch set the pace for the eco-friendly approach his son is now carrying on. Persevering through his notoriety as a “green nut”, or being told he’s chasing ghosts, he set the foundation for the unique concept of the Creativhotel Luise – and he further raised his son with a passionate consciousness for an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. The green “do gooder” trait runs in the Förtsch family.

† 27.12.2018

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It’s summer. May be even a late spring day. She is riding her bike and takes a quick break. Her hair draws graceful waves, just like the landscape behind her: Gentle hills; the gables and rooftops of a small town; idyllic homeland in the year 1931. Luise Gumbmann is 25 years of age…

Where did Luise ride to on this beautiful day? This photograph, taken from a family album, doesn’t reveal her destination. She certainly went back to Erlangen at some point, where Luise was living at that time with her husband and little daughter Marga. She looks a bit skeptical, as though she didn’t want to pause for a moment and pose but just wanted to continue her ride. Whether this was the case?

Us and our workplace

We support the German Diversity Charter, an initiative by the Federal Government through which we commit to be open for every person and to stand behind it. But actually, that doesn’t quite cut it – to us that’s not an obligation, it’s a given.

We have always kept our own cleaning staff, which is rare in this sector, and we are proud of it. You can tell the difference in the quality of services, because our staff members feel well with us.

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