Sustainability – Green living style

Sustainability: [a complex term for an integral lifestyle serving not the ego but the world; a lever to stop climate change. When widely spread, it guarantees long-lasting harmony and literally a sound sleep]


Square Meters

Of our surface have been restored to its natural state since 2010.


% less end use energy

is what you consume per night with us compared to an average hotel of the same star category.


% less waste

is what we produce compared to an average hotel of the same star category.



is the amount of trees we have planted in Panama since 2010.

Our most important sustainability projects

How much sustainability and environment protection mean to us will become evident during your stay at our hotel. Until then, here’s a list of some of our most important projects:

  • Solar system for hot water and heating, otherwise energy-efficient district heating from the Erlangen public utilities (exclusively green power from waterworks)
  • Centralized air conditioning and heating reduction in the night.
  • Avoiding small(est) packages to reduce waste
  • Purchasing regional products (where possible)
  • Partner of the Car Sharing Community in Erlangen
  • Supporting the Solarmobile Community in Erlangen and co-owner of the solar charging station in front of the hotel
  • Owning our own e-car as well as charging stations for e-cars
  • Widespread use of bikes among our staff members
  • Despite our central location in the city, almost half of the 3000 m2 of the hotel venue is green, we have a big shepherd garden with many nesting places for birds, hedgehogs and insects in the city
  • Having our own reforesting project together with other Klimahotels (“The climate forest”) to compensate for CO2 emissions
  • A team that shares this philosophy and the environmental idea!

Social Sustainability

Of course, social responsibility is another important part of sustainability for us. We want to contribute to a fairer and equal society. In order to reach that goal we ensure diversity at our workplace and beyond, as family-friendly working conditions are very important to us.

→ we are a family-owned business. However, every employee is also seen and treated just like a family member!

→ our team covers all ages and we support the “wild and young” as well as the old pros. So, we welcome everybody to work with us!

→ we offer family-friendly flexible working arrangements.

→ we only have permanent employees and they are all paid above average

→ there is a gift table for employees and guests, where they can exchange oen man’s trash for another man’s treasure.

→ we are giving old furniture and electronical devices to students or people in need, for instance, flood victims.

→ we are supporting variety of  local, social and cultural projects.

Regrowing rooms and Jedi power

Sustainable Hotel: Green Tourism in Franconia


Nachwachsendes Hotelzimmer - Creativhotel Luise

100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable, 100% comfort. Our new room concept proves how beautiful sustainability can be. You are welcome to try it out and imitate us.

When you have breakfast in our hotel, you only have eyes for what’s on your plate. That’s no wonder, considering all the rich regional delicacies and the organic and fair-trade products our buffet has to offer.

As a family company we think in terms of generations and understand our responsibility towards the future. We have been regularly recognized by the Bavarian Ministry of Economics and Environment.

What is it that makes us one of the most ecological and sustainable city hotels in Germany? We plant trees in Panama and welcome cyclists from all around the world for better deals.

Sustainability does not equal sacrifice

IDEAS to save the world a little bit

When it comes to making the first climate-positive hotel in Germany even more special, hotel Director, Ben Förtsch has a lot of ideas. He also has a message: Humans should do more for this planet. It starts with riding bikes and it doesn’t stop when visiting a hotel. However, he deliberately refrains from pointing fingers at anyone. His “green revolution” is subversive – and it even looks good. A chat with a “do gooder” about his hotel.