Enjoy & Relax

Our breakfast

Good morning and enjoy your meal! When you have breakfast in our hotel, you only have eyes for what’s on your plate. That’s no wonder, considering all the rich regional delicacies and the organic and fair-trade products our buffet has to offer.*

dairy alternatives

*All of our organic products are supervised and organic certified (DE-ÖKO-001): certification 

Breakfast for everyone ♡

Good to know: You are welcome to have breakfast with us even if you are not a hotel guest. Please simply register briefly beforehand. You can also buy vouchers for our breakfast. Ideal to give away!

Relaxing wellness in our hotel in Erlangen

From Creativhotel Luise, you’re only a couple of steps away from paradise. In our spa area, the clocks tick slower and so will your heart as you begin to relax. Sauna, ice cave, steam bath, massages – we have everything.

Opening hours
daily 4 p.m.  to 11 p.m.
Fridays and Saturdays from 3 p.m.

Forget about holiday stress

Bath robes and sauna slippers are exclusively available at the reception (excluding selected package deals).
Keep in mind that children should be 12 or older and accompanied by an adult.

You can also use the spa oasis and our massage services without being our guest.
Call us if you want to come in.

Have you heard of our Erlangen’s beer massage?

Smell, hear, taste –all of that during a massage?
Whether you are a beer enthusiast, the unconventional type or you just dislike massages: The unique beer massage at Creativhotel really seduces everyone. Let your senses be transported to a different place and learn more about the Steinbach Brewery, as well as a new side to beer.

In cooperation with the Steinbach Brewery in Erlangen, we’ve created a massage that’s indeed unique in the world. It’s the first massage to unite relaxation, the art of brewing, history and taste, pampering all your senses at once. During your massage on the pleasantly soft lounger, you’ll be transported to the brewery. You’ll experience the creation of a beer, while lying down.



Erlangen is not Berlin, Munich or Hamburg, but it’s still a very nice place to be. Whether you choose to get a coffee in the lovely old town just next to the Schlossgarten - the castle garden, go for a stroll in the city visiting small and big shops or enjoy a night at the theater – if you venture into the city center or the old town, you’ll be rewarded. You prefer tall trees and outcrops to picturesque houses? For those of you who enjoy nature, you’ll feel right at home in the surrounding area of this charming student city.

Franconian Switzerland

Franconian coziness and dire nature. There is a reason why the Franconian Switzerland near Erlangen is a popular destination for city and day tourists. Climbing, hiking, cycling, horseback riding or canoeing – it doesn’t matter which direction you choose to go- there’s a lot to experience around Erlangen. And keep in mind: the next restaurant is not far away.

Bergkirchweih, Erlangen’s city fair

As predictable as bird migration to the South – When flocks of people go up the “Berg” (mountain in German), we know in Erlangen: The Bergkirchweih is taking place again. Young and old meet at the beer cellars among culinary delights and fairground rides, and later in the evening they meet again at the city center pubs. Empty streets and just the buzzing from the Kirchweih in the distance. People in Erlangen love their fair so much that the “Berg-Tuesday” has actually been imposed as an unofficial holiday.