Sharing is CARing

Nowadays, the car sharing concept is represented in every major city - and rightly so. But in the 1990s things were very different. However, the Creativhotel was already a pioneer at this time. As early as 1993 we took part in the “Stattauto” carsharing project in Erlangen. Members were able to reserve cars through our reception. A car was always ready for departure in front of our hotel.

Carsharing Erlangen Station at Creativhotel Luise

Klaus Förtsch in the hotel's first electric car "City-EL" with Gudrun Förtsch behind the new carsharing car.

Unfortunately, the project was terminated after a few years because the demand was rather low and the project managers had devoted themselves to other topics. But we still liked the concept. It took a few years, but in spring of 2011 we were again able to make our parking space available to a carsharing vehicle. The association, founded at the end of 2010, has grown steadily since then and now has 13 cars distributed throughout the city.

Carsharing Erlangen Station at Creativhotel Luise

Inauguration of the carsharing parking lot in March 2011 with the founding members.

Car sharing is now represented in 855 cities and communities and is used by around 2.9 million people in Germany. The entire sharing fleet now comprises a good 26,000 vehicles in Germany.

The use of car sharing is one of many good measures to reduce CO2 emissions: Thanks to the "sharing economy", a car is used more efficiently and, unlike private cars, is not idle most of the time. Because the production of a car generates a large amount of CO2 in addition to emissions when driving. The efficient use of cars is a directly noticeable advantage for us: A car sharing vehicle replaces up to 20 private cars and thus significantly reduces traffic in the cities.

Even today, our guests can still rent the carsharing car at reception, just like our caretakers do, should a car ever be needed. Our next goal: an e-sharing car at our location.

Carsharing Erlangen Station at Creativhotel Luise

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