The Circular Hotel Room

The tourism industry is still dominated by a throwaway mentality. Mini-amenities in the bathrooms and in the rooms in general, as well as small packaging for breakfast buffets are the order of the day in many places. Sustainable hotels are mostly found in the high-priced sector. But that's just the obvious, because the construction method hardly pays attention to recycling, and the origin and composition of purchased furniture is hardly taken into account. The circular hotel room of the Creativhotel Luise shows how sustainable and resource-saving tourism, both in the furnishing and operation of hotel rooms, is possible without putting an excessive strain on the customer's wallet. The concept of the circular hotel room can be applied to any hotel or guesthouse or even to private living spaces. It is fundamentally based on the Cradle-to-Cradle© principle, a holistic approach to the resources used from start to finish:

Our goal was to create something new. So extraordinary that it will also be a great challenge for us.

– Ben Förtsch

If you want to counteract climate change in the long term, you have to look at the overall picture. That is exactly what we are trying to do with the circular hotel room. Demolition, conversion, use of resources and recycling were and are considered according to the Cradle-to-Cradle© principle and implemented as sustainably as possible. In doing so, we never lose sight of the guest's need for comfort.

If you want to create something really new, you need a strong inner conviction and you have to be willing to face any challenges on your way.

– Ben Förtsch

Dismantling = Garbage? Not with the circular hotel room!

When selecting the materials, attention was paid to responsible manufacturing processes and environmental compatibility. The circular hotel room integrates e.g. a shower technology from NASA that saves 90% water and 80% energy. Wood-friendly straw ceilings do not use adhesives containing formaldehyde. 100% recyclable fishing net carpet tiles are durable and soundproof. Because its production requires a lot of energy, metal was replaced by wood. Screws are reduced or replaced by plug connections and environmentally friendly glue. However, anyone who stays overnight in a climate-positive hotel produces 58.6% less CO2 than elsewhere.

The hotel maintains fair relationships with its staff, which is 100% permanent and adheres to the Diversity Charter. All employees are trained in sustainability, so that even ecologically compatible room cleaning is guaranteed. Craftsmen come from the region and are long-term partners. In this way, the climate hotel supports the regional value chain and encourages its partners to work off the beaten track and to deal with ecological materials and construction methods. They are also required to document how many kilometers they drive on behalf of the hotel. The hotel compensates for the resulting CO2 emissions: In the climate hotel forest in Panama, it supports reforestation and has already planted over 11,000 trees there.

The circular hotel room shows how a sustainable living culture that is planned down to the smallest detail can also be installed in a business hotel and that it does not have to be "eco" in the conventional sense. The tailor-made, unique design of the interior inspires guests to a new level for the topic of sustainability, which is now associated with comfort, design and a tolerable luxury. The hotel maintains a subversive culture of information and education: it educates and motivates intrinsically and visually towards sustainability. This sense of mission not only applies to the guests, the hotel industry also benefits: As a pioneer of the renewable, climate-positive hotel industry, the hotel is happy to share its experiences. A model project that hopefully encourages imitation.


Circular single room

Circular double room

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