Visiting the organic restaurant Muskat

"Organic" is no lip service in the restaurant "Muskat" in Erlangen, but an expression of quality, good taste and a clear attitude: the times when "organic" food (without flavor enhancers) bored the taste buds are clearly over.

Eat well and do good with every movement of your chewing muscles - visitors of the organic restaurant "Muskat" know that exuberant enjoyment and a clear conscience can go hand in hand. As the owner and head chef, Zacharias Dengler offers his guests food that impresses. Without behavior. Without good coaxing. Seasonal and biological diversity are not a figurehead in the "Muskat", but a matter of course. This also includes knowing your butcher and suppliers personally. Those who cook and serve at Muskat do so with a passion that you can only show if you enjoy eating what you serve others. You really can't say that about every gastronomic establishment. Or when was the last time you tasted honesty?

The "Muskat" was founded more than 15 years ago, making it a pioneer in terms of "organic" and "sustainability" in gastronomy. The "Muskat" is still the only organic restaurant in Erlangen. “We are proud of being able to impress our guests with our beliefs. But we also wish that other colleagues would get to know the added value of our concept and that we could bring even more sustainable organic quality to the catering trade," says Zacharias Dengler.

More than just organic

Quality is very important to him, you can tell that straight away. Only the best and most valuable foods are processed. In addition to fish and meat, there is also a rich vegetarian offer based on our own recipes on the menu. Lovingly, sensually, herbally and creatively combined, so that one is once again reminded that cooking is both a craft and an art. The "Muskat" also gets inspiration from regularly thinking outside the box. As a member of Slow Food e.V. and the Green Table, the restaurant in Erlangen is committed to good food beyond its own kitchen.


Das Muskat
Hauptstraße 60
91054 Erlangen
Tel: 09131-974343

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