Feel good –
and do it with a clean conscience

We’re warm and friendly. We’re creative, hence a little different – a business and city hotel in one, committed to more sustainability in the hospitality industry and leading by example. Sometimes we only have one night to win you over.

Our rooms are up to the task – literally: With our new “regrowing hotel room” concept, we show you how beautiful sustainability can be. We aim to offer you comfort and always meet your needs and taste, while keeping it sustainable. You can choose between extraordinary and functional.

Whatever you decide:
Welcome to Germany’s first climate positive and regrowing hotel.
Welcome to Creativhotel Luise!

Come on in – Our rooms

Nachwachsendes Hotelzimmer - Creativhotel Luise

What do discarded fishing nets, straw and NASA have to do with coziness? As our renewable room concept will show you:

A lot!

Our newest and most sustainable room concept follows the cradle-to-cradle principles – they use raw materials that are and remain 100% biodegradable or 100% recyclable, you definitely need to experience this! 100% comfort is also included in our “regrowing single rooms®” , naturally.

And before you ask: The fishing nets have been repurposed as carpets, the pressed straw is found inside ceilings and walls, and our shower was originally developed for the NASA Mars mission.

To the room

Business trip ahead? Our business rooms are not made for vacations, but they offer everything you need: Functionality, peace and short distances.

Without much superfluous frills, here you’ll find everything you need for a quiet night before an important meeting.

To the room

Sometimes you want to treat yourself. Not too much, but a little bit.

Treat yourself to a little bit more room. Reside where others just spend the night.

to the room

Just relax

Guests and room in total harmony. Our most balanced offer.

to the room

Gain perspective.

Free your soul, look out into the green. Your invitation to relax.

to the room

It doesn’t have to be that much, but just a little bit more? Make your reservation here.

A suite for those who like reaching for the stars and enjoy a little more room.

to the room

To feel good in your own four walls is a basic human need. You obviously have the same expectations when you pack your suitcase and check into a hotel: you want peace and quiet. This is also our standard at Creativhotel Luise. That’s why we offer rooms that are as diverse as our guests. Their design and construction reflect our hotel’s innovative spirit in sustainability, and they invite each guest to feel good and relax.

Our breakfast – Delicious and healthy

When you have breakfast in our hotel, you only have eyes for what’s on your plate. That’s no wonder, considering all the rich regional delicacies and the organic and fair-trade products our buffet has to offer.

Wellness in Erlangen

You’re only a couple of steps away from paradise. In our spa area, the clocks tick slower and so will your heart as you begin to relax. Sauna, jacuzzi, steam bath, massages – we have everything.

A room made of recyclable and biodegradable raw materials? That’s a reality – and it even offers all the comfort you can wish for. Here you’ll learn how the “regrowing hotel room” works.

Erlangen is not Berlin, Munich or Hamburg, but it’s still a very nice place to be. The cafés in the old town, the picturesque woods in the Franconian Switzerland: There are no must-sees, but plenty of nice-to-sees.

The facilities in our hotel


We’re a non-smoking hotel. If you want to have a smoke, you’re welcome to do so in our garden.


Some of our rooms allow the use of wheelchairs and their design include accessible washbasins, shower chairs and Hewi support rails.

Ökopass ecologically certified

Walking on pollution-free carpet floors, taking a warm shower with solar energy, sleeping on body-friendly natural mattresses- many of our rooms have the ecological certificate Ökopass.

Safe parking spaces

Leave your four-wheeled vehicle with us – We provide enough parking spaces in our underground parking lot. Obviously also available for two-wheeled motor vehicles!

Car charging station

We are equipped with two Tesla and one Euro-Type2 charging stations. You are welcome to reserve a charging station for your car.

Regional products

They may not be from grandma’s garden but they’re from the farmer around the corner. We only serve regional and/or organic and fair-trade products.


Take a deep breath, relax and recharge your batteries. Our spa, which includes an outdoor area, offers you massages, steam bath, jacuzzi and sauna.

Bike-friendly hotel

You love outdoor activities? No problem. As a certified bike-friendly hotel by the German Cyclist’s Association (ADFC), we offer everything you need for the perfect bike tour through the wonderful Franconian landscape.

Sustainability does not equal sacrifice

IDEAS to save the world a little bit

When it comes to making the first climate-positive hotel in Germany even more special, hotel Director, Ben Förtsch has a lot of ideas. He also has a message: Humans should do more for this planet. It starts with riding bikes and it doesn’t stop when visiting a hotel. However, he deliberately refrains from pointing fingers at anyone. His “green revolution” is subversive – and it even looks good. A chat with a “do gooder” about his hotel.


Square Meters

of our surface have been restored to its natural state since 2010.


% less end use energy

is what you consume per night with us compared to an average hotel of the same star category.


% less waste

is what we produce compared to an average hotel of the same star category.



is the amount of trees we have planted in Panama since 2010.